Enjoy music and videos with Kodi app

Kodi app is one of the most well-known and popular software which can be used as a media center for playing video games, music, pictures, games and many more stuff. This amazing software can be used on Linux, Windows, IOS and Android. And if you want any similar app like kodi then i suggest you to go with itube video downloader app. You can download official itube app from Here

Features of the Kodi App

The manufacturer of the app has made sure to incorporate almost all the features in this app which can make usage convenient and comfortable for people. Moreover it can also be enjoyable for them. Following are the features of this app;

  1. It has a 10 foot user interface with the help of which it can be conveniently used on televisions and remote controls.
  2. With this app, users can enjoy videos, music, podcasts and other kind of media files by simply accessing the local and storage media using internet.
  3. In order to ensure that users are able to comfortably use the app, various help guides are available on different forums including Wiki, Facebook, and Google etc. which is sufficient to impart knowledge amongst the users.

Enjoy Music with Kodi

Kodi can play almost every kind of music which includes AAC, MP3, FLAC, OGG, WMA and WAV. This is not all, it also has cue sheet, tagging support, smart playlist which can enable the user to keep a complete control over their app and make the most of it while using it.

Watch movies

Kodi can entertain you with movies too. It is capable of supporting almost all the main video formats and sources, which includes ISOs, 3D, WEBM and it is even easy to streamline the online video files available on internet. This is not all; the app can also import full movies along with the posters, disc-art, trailers and other relevant information.

TV shows

A complete library of TV shows is maintained within the app which includes episodes, season views along with their posters, banners, show descriptions and actors. Further to this smart playlists can be organized according to the interest of the user such that he can easily sort their favorite shows and thus watch them as per their wish and convenience.

Watching movies

The pictures can be imported into the library, and can then be viewed with different views, slideshows. Moreover they can be sorted or filtered out using a remote control thus adding on comfort to the user.


In order to take the Kodi app to a new level and to cater the needs of vast community, add-ons have been created which includes videos, music, etc. User can also change Kodi’s behavior as per their choice and demand. This is not all user can also add network, control lights and many more things.


Various kinds, types and designs of skins is available for the Kodi app, which can completely change the look and way it can be used over Graphical user interface. All the credits for making it customizable and usable goes to its skins, designs and the ways it has been created.


The app is compatible and can be easily used with different UPnP devices, which means you can play movies, videos or music in your home and that too at your own ease. You just need to have an UPnP master device and then other Kodi devices can be connected to them as clients which can be further used for watching different stuff over internet.

PVR and Live TV

The app allows its users to watch and record different TV shows from the GUI interface. This works well with Media Portal, Next PVR, VDR, Windows Media Center and many more.

Web interface

The application is using JSON-RPC remote interface, which brings in the possibility of remote controls, different kinds of browsers and outside tools to take the app to a much higher level, which would be able to meet different needs and expectations of the user.

From the above mentioned features, it is clearly evident that using Modi app is one of the most enjoyable things to, especially when it is capable of entertaining you with the vast library collection connected to different sites available over internet. So, go ahead and download this incredible application and have a fun filled experience.

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