How to use Gmail for Business Effectively

Gmail is the most widely used email service by every one of us today because of its features and security. As there are maximum number people, who are using Gmail as a path to sharing private and other official files regularly. There are also many businesses which are using Gmail for branding purposes. Did you know there are more than hundreds of Gmail account for companies because these days every company wants to make a brand through emails as they can reach to some people through it?

Professional Gmail account

Today here I will discuss how to use Gmail for business and how to get your business Gmail because business Gmail is to be whole different from personal email. I hope this steps for how to use Gmail for business will help you for branding purpose of your company. So here below are some of the important topics which you must read.

How to Use Gmail for Business:

Before going for how to use Gmail for business, you must know what a professional email is and what are the things that you can do. So here below, I am going to tell you shortly about what is professional Gmails account and some necessary steps to get professionals email from Google apps.

How to Start Professional email With Google Apps:

For getting a professional email for your business, you need to go to Google apps. See below some of the necessary steps to get started with professional emails.

Google apps

1. First of all, you are to sign up Google app account which is not for free. You need to pay $5 per month to Google apps.

2. Now fill out the form like you do while creating your standard Gmail ID with your name, business name, phone number, etc.

3. After you fill up all the required thing asked in the form you will need to click on the next button below to proceed to the further procedure.

4. Now in the further procedure, you will be asked to invite your friends in your Google Apps account.

5. After asking your friends, you will be invited to give your username, and you will be asked to add your domain name.

This is all the necessary steps that you need to know about creating an account in Google Apps. I hope this will help you in creating account safely and successfully.

What are Professional Accounts:

Professional email account means we are talking about those accounts which are having your business name in the email ID. Which means in those professional email you will not have anything like “” but you will have an email like “”

professional emails

In professional emails, you will need to attach your domain name and your website so that you can send your emails from your website to your professional email. So this is what a professional account is.

These are all the essential guide that you must know about how to use Gmail for business. This guide and steps to create Google apps will help you in completing the procedure. I hope you have apparently known all the process to use Google apps and professional emails by now. On having any problems get it solved by contacting me in the comment box below. Thanks for reading.…

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iPhone 7 Live Streaming Event : Specs & Features

After many rumors and lots of conversation finally, now Apple has announced the final release date of iPhone 7. This awesome phone will be released on one of the most popular auditorium in San Francisco, and that is at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. In this event, everyone will like to join because according to our assumption in this event they are going to reveal some about iOS 10, so in this event, it will be very much interesting. But unfortunately, everyone will not be able to go to the event and see live about this new iPhone7. No worry, as you will be able to watch this entire event online by live streaming this even in your device.


Today in this article I will be sharing you about the how you can watch this interesting life event on your device. Here below is everything that you must know if you are to watch this event live on your device for free.

How to Watch this Event:

Like the older release times, this time, also Apple will allow their presentation for both Apple and Windows 10 users. So you don’t need anything to worry if you are having any of Apple and Windows 10 devices.

Apple Events

Here below I am going to list down some devices which you will require if you want to watch this exciting event streaming live:

  1. If you are using iPhone, iPod touch or iPad then you can also watch this event live on your phone, but one thing is that you will at least require iOS version 7 or the latest one.
  2. For every Microsoft users, you will able to live stream this beautiful event only if you have installed Windows 10 on your device and using the edge browser you will be able to watch this event.
  3. You can also watch this event live on your Apple TV, but the only thing is that. You will need to have at least second or third generation Apple TV with 6.2 software or fourth generation TV.
  4. For every Mac users, there is good news that, you will also be able to watch this event live on your Mac device. But you will need to have OSXv10.8.5 and safari should be 6.0.5 or the latest one.

So if you have any of these requirements with you, then you can watch this awesome event live with your device by going to Apple event page at 10 A.M on September 10. So what are you waiting for the rush to your calendar and mark the September 7 date, so that you don’t miss the awesome event?

 What are the things that you can expect in this event:

In this event, the only thing that you can expect is that they will introduce us to the new Apple iPhone 7 and its features and many other things. The most important thing about this event is that in this event Apple will also introduce us with all new iOS 10 like its features and in which phone you will be able to use this iOS 10 system and much more.


On the other hand in this event, you will also get clear with what features and specification you will see the new iPhone 7. So this is all you are going to see in this event, but I have told you all this in small, now let’s describe this thing in brief below.

About iPhone7:

You may have heard many iPhone 7 rumors saying this and that about the specification of the phone, but today I am going to tell you an approximate spec about what features you are going to get in iPhone 7.

  1. From the last year itself, there were many rumors saying that iPhone 7 & iPhone 8 will have a full edge to edge glass which means no button. So, this time, there is a high chance that Apple will not have a home button but will be having wireless charging system and integrated touch ID which will make this iPhone more premium. So this thing is very much expected in this event.
  2. The next rumors say that iPhone 7 will not be having any headphone jack which means even listening songs with earphones will be wireless. Not only this but they also said that iPhone 7 would be having a larger battery with high storage capacity like up to 256 GB storage capacity. So this all features of iPhone 7 is also expected in this event.
  3. The camera of iPhone 7 is also one of the most trending things in the technical market. The rumors say that iPhone 7 and seven plus will be having a double lens rear camera which will give your photo a perfectness and you will get the best camera experience in this phone.
  4. There are also plenty leaked images of iPhone 7 but now one till date could tell that this will be the model of iPhone 7. So this is one suspense that how will the iPhone 7 look like?

So this all is very much expected in this event of Apple, so if you want to know more about this things than don’t miss watching this event live in your device. As you can also watch this event in your Microsoft and Apple devices live and that also for free, the only thing you are to have is the requirements that I have already mentioned before.

This is all about the all new iPhone 7 and the features that is expected to see in the released date event in San Francisco. Again I will like to tell you to save the date of September 7 and by mistake also don’t miss the event. If you have anything more than you can comment us below.…

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